The Ball


I finished my second animation (well, my second full animation).

I hope you like it.

The Ball (link to Youtube).

Well done! Made me laugh :smiley: . Nice blue overlay to switch from day to night.
And your drawings that accompany the end credits are great.

I’m glad to hear that. :slight_smile:; so, the animation got its mission. :laughing:

Yeah. I’m very happy with that effect.

I looked for a tension going to a black fade out before the coming night. I think that increase the effect of the change to blues colors.

Thanks very much. :smiley:

As I promised in a message days ago, here is the storyboard that I made for the animation. In this case it’s just a “don’t forget” ideas and color charset.

I liked it! I love the drawings and everything!

Thanks, Genete! :slight_smile:

Good shot… !

can you accord me a suggestion ?
maybe, some little mouvement of the ball and/or the tree ? like a discution engaged between both…



All critiques are welcome. :slight_smile:

We can learn of them and, maybe, get ideas for other animations.


You are right. Ball and tree are, in most, a lot of static. I wanted to focuse in the little man but you are right that with a bit movement of ball or tree (when he hit them) could be interesting.

I must say that, in the process, I had the idea of make other character as observer of the scene. I thought in a bird landed in the branch… but I discarded it thinking in make the animation in a most short time.

Thanks for view and coments, d.j.a.y. :slight_smile:

I liked it =) I didn’t expect it to end that way.

Thanks, Eric1223, glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

It seems a good work. Drawings are cool. Only, I would have put some colors on that character!

Thanks, Paolo. Molto grazie. :slight_smile:

Jaja… well, in next animations I think my characters could have more color. :slight_smile: