text tool

the text tool don’t support the char ð

I think you would help the developers to solve this if you could give them some more information.

Which operating system are you using?

Which version of Synfig are you using? Did you download it or build it yourself?

Are you trying to enter Eth from the Eth key on an Icelandic keyboard, by using a Character Map program or by entering Unicode control key sequence?

Can you enter Eth into the dialog successfully and not have it appear on the canvas, or is it that the dialog doesn’t accept Eth.

I’m using Fedora 19 KDE and I can paste lower case Eth into the text dialog from KCharSelect and have it appear on the canvas.

Therefore, the problem isn’t with the text tool but somewhere else.

Cairo render does do a better job when displaying Unicode chars.

the preview and the main window render ð as à °
i am on windows
but if i render it with cairo then ð comes out correctly