Text to shape?

Is it possible to convert a text layer to become a vector Bline layer?

If not, is there any other way to shape manipulate a text layer?

There is not way at the moment. You can transform the text layer with:
Translation, rotation, stretch, spherize, twirl, warp, curve warp, noise distort (this has some render issues if the text is inverted) and apply any of the existing filters.
You can animate the text parameters, even the text parameter itself and also can convert any other parameter to text parameter.
What’s the effect you exactly need to need a vectorized text? i would like to have the text to shape option too but I don’t understand the code very well yet. :frowning:
Btw, can Inkscape do it? because I’ve tried to do a Inkscape text->SVG->Synfig import and it doesn’t import anything. Texts are ignored I think. Unless there were a way to convert text into paths within Inkscape…

I think I’ll go the Inkscape route. I think you can convert text to shapes there.
I just want to be able to animate the shape of the text.
I’ll play with the distortion layers too, but I doubt they will give me the control I’d like.
Thanks Genete.