Text Animation Issue

Because of my terrible english i write in german and paste a autotranslation from google in the end.

ich versuche text zu animieren aber so dass sich zwei Worte in ein drittes Wort “zusammen tun” / “zu einem werden”. Man kann es schwer beschreiben. Wie dem auch sei in synfig habe ich es bis jetzt nur geschafft das die Woerter sich ruckartig veraendern. Also z.B. in frame Nr.20 kommen die beiden Woerter naeher in Frame Nr.40 verschwindet ein Buchstabe von jedem Wort etc. Aber ich moechte das die Woerter sich “animierend veraendern”. Falls es irgendwie eine Hilfe zu meinem Thema gibt (Video Tutorial oder so aber specifisch was die Text animation anbetrifft) waehre ich sehr dankbar ueber jaeckliche Hilfe.
Als Beispiel will ich folgendes Nennen:
Die Wörter: “Synchron” und “Figure” sollen sich in “SynFig” verschmaelzen.

english autotranslation:
I try to animate text but so that two words “do together” in a third word / “to be”. It is difficult to describe. Anyway in synfig I have so far only managed the words to change in yourself jerkily. So for example, in frame No. 20 the two words come closer in Frame No.40 disappear one letter from each word, etc. But I want the words to “Change customer animating”. If somehow a help to my subject are (video tutorial or so specifically what the text animation is concerned) I would be very grateful for jaeckliche help.
As an example:
The words: “Synchronous” and “Figure” should be transformed in “Synfig”.

thnx in advance!


Could you please attach a sample file?

I think you are trying to do it’s a morphing:


In my opinion, morphing in synfig… it’s complicated. Even more with texts. Maybe changing the transparency (the quantity parameter if I’m not wrong) between two shapes can do the trick.

Reading your post better, masking some parts of your text and then “moving together” can do the trick…

mmm… interesting

Hello Again

I couldn’t resist

Here is a sample of what I was talking

words_together.sifz (1.88 KB)

I’ve also found that the text parameter in the text layer, also can be animated. Note how “Fig” changes to “fig”. But It’s an abrupt change. :slight_smile: