Testing files. Help from community.

Meanwhile I start introducing changes in the code I’ve realized that it is needed to have a set of files to use like tests. The amount of needed files is a bit large if we want to get all the Synfig features. Here is where you the dear reader come in to help.
I would like that the community help me on collect a set of testing files to carry them on the repository and that would allow to test whether the file is responding the same than the originally was doing.
For example, I would like to have files with the following features:

  1. one file with all the types of layers
  2. one file with all the types of value nodes conversions
  3. one file that depends on other file
  4. one file with exported value nodes for each value type
  5. one file with all the blend methods
  6. one file with animation and all the types of interpolations
  7. one file with keyframes
    8) one file with blinepoints off/on

Many of them can be combined in a single one. I don’t care to create it by my self but I would like to concentrate on coding instead.
Anyone? :unamused:

For a start, one from here, maybe?


I will upload some files (all layers and types) I used while working icons.

added in my synfig todo already :slight_smile:

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

I used most types of effect layers in each of the files of the post viewtopic.php?p=5293#p5293 (and other posts same thread), hope this helps.