Test Lip Sync

Hi there. I’ve been trying out the mouth charts that I created. The mouths were synced with the audio in PiViTi. I really liked the editing software, but I wasn’t able to scrub the audio which made placing the mouths a little more difficult. Does anyone know of editing software on Linux that supports audio scrubbing.

Hope you like the video. More to come:)


JLipSync is kind of working for me now on Kubuntu 12.04. I say “kind of” because scrubbing doesn’t pick up every frame like it should, but at least it doesn’t crash the audio all together like it did (for me at least) on older Ubuntu-related systems.

The other good audio scrubber that I know of is the Blender VSE. You have to turn scrubbing on, but it works once you do - again, at least for me and my setup.



Thanks for the input. I was thinking about Blender, but I’m afraid of the learning curve. For the time being, I’m probably going to go back to FCP to save some time. I’m painfully waiting for Lightworks to release for Linux.

I tried Jlipsync, but I needed to have an 8-bit file for it to work and I couldn’t figure out how to convert it. Papagayo works on my Modbook, and I tried that, but the response time was really sluggish and it won’t work on OSX Lion. Bugh!

Thanks again for you help. My next step is to do the other body positions.