[Test] audio dependent animation

this video is done in synfig studio with the help of audacity.


I used audacity to label the timing intervals needed to stick my waypoints to them, generated a text file of timing then made calculations to convert it to frame-wise timing instead of seconds-wise timing (at 30 FPS frame number=30 x timing in seconds)

it’s very powerful, I guess I would keep using the same technique even if synfig supported importing sound in the future :slight_smile:

I discovered it by the help of Dave Jeffery post on synfig G+ community page :slight_smile:

If use cinelerra instead audacity workflow will be much easy. You can tune this program to show time stamp as the same format as synfig. So there not need recalculation :wink:

I downloaded it but its interface looks ugly compared to kdenlive, does it support exporting labels lists to a text/csv file? that would be a great benefit :slight_smile:

Cinelerra is really good but… it is true that it has a really strange and hard interface.

KdenLive ir more intuitive and can do the same. It’s really great move easily the fx sounds in the time-sheet. I suggest KdenLive.

Kdenlive since 0.9.4 "Markers can also now be imported and exported, and are compatible with Audacity’s format. "
[size=50](this is my fault, because i have putted a request in the kdenlive wish list :-0[/size]
Now, it will be interesting to “connect” this kind of workflow to synfig… importing the markers has keyframe maybe ? Like with a python plugins … isn’t ?