Tension Bias, etc.

Hi guys,
I have problems with these features!
First, is this a problem that when I change the tension of one
Keyframe, it changes for all of Keyframes?! (If it is not a problem
and I’m doing it wrong, how should I change them separately!)
Second, I can’t feel any changes with and without tension! :smiley: Why is that?!
Third, why I can see no graphs on Curves, in Timeline! I saw those on
the wiki, but mine doesn’t show anything! :open_mouth:
I am using 0.62.01, on Windows (currently, will change soon ;D)!

I guess that you already know that a keyframe is like a mark in the timeline where the animator wants to describe a “pose” there.
The keyframe itself doesn’t store any information rather than the time where the mark is and the name of the keyframe.
In a keyframe some of the layer’s parameters do have a waypoint and some don’t. When you open the Edit Keyframe dialog it doesn’t read any information from the keyframe (who doesn’t have idea on how many waypoints are in that place). Instead of that it offers you a dialog to set the in and out waypoint profile and the TBC parameters you want to apply to all the waypoints existing on that frame.
Once the dialog is closed it stores the latest options you have used because perhaps you want to use it on other keyframe.
So, the keyframe edit dialog in fact is a “action” dialog. It could say: “Press apply and I’ll apply those values to all the existing waypoints in the current keyframe”. So it has no sense to read any value. Probably all the waypoints have different in/out profiles and TBC values.

On the other hand, it is possible to individually edit a waypoint by right click on it and select “Edit”. It would offer a similar dialog with the in and out profiles and the TBC options. That dialog effectively reads the waypoint’s values and changes every time you right click on other waypoint.

Yes, the Tension, Bias, Continuity and Temporal Tension are some sort of mystery to me too. Just experimenting you see the effect.

Are you selecting the parameter that is animated? The curves dock only show something when a parameter is selected.

All solved!
-C :wink: