Tabs on work area

Hi everyone,

I am trying the developing version of Synfig right now and everything seems good so far. But one thing about workspace bothers me a little:

How can I remove that HUGE tab panel on top of the work area (see attachment)? I never work on more than one animation at a time, so I don’t need it.

The synfig user interface has already change since the development version you are testing (migration from gtk2 to gtk3 graphical interface toolkit) … tabs are thinner … but still are tabs :slight_smile: .

SO actually, you just can’t remove the tabs … it’s “hard coded” … But you can make a feature request like this one : when only one canvas is opened, do not display tabs …

edit link fixed

Thx, d.j.a.y!

I’ve posted a request by the link you provided (the link is a bit off and leads to 404 error).
I’ll check from time to time the future developing versions of Synfig.