Synfig with video

An experiment of mixing Synfig animation with video.

Not very successful as the keying in Kdenlive is simply too crude to work properly. What I’ll have to do is invert the masks and render out the video as a PNG32 sequence. That way the video overlaying will be perfect.

I created 8 separate sifz files and joined them together with a master sifz file - this was a great way to work as I could do each piece without cluttering my main keyframes list or the timeline.

Good work. To merge Synfig with video is hard, but the results are very good. And at last you can forget After Effects :laughing:

That’s pretty cool!


I improved the keying as the previous version was a bit of a disaster - the moral of the story is only use Chromakey in Kdenlive with HD video, then downsize to SD if necessary:

nice oldie look, effects (and sound). congrats!
Only thing left is to recreate the ATV zoom in Synfig, so you can proudly get rid of flash :wink:

Thanks! As a matter of fact I am planning to do the ATV Zoom in Synfig, for the simple reason I’d be able to get it more accurate to the original using some of the nice layer effects we have in Synfig; the original animation was made up of several bits of film all printed together which gives a distinctive sort of look that you can’t get doing the animation all in one piece as I did in Flash.

It is nicely done!
I’m curious, were the horizontal moving strips made with advanced outlines?

No, the drawing was all done in Inkscape and then imported into Synfig via the Inkscape SIF exporter.

The reason I did the moving strips in Inkscape was that I had to trace them over very long (3200 pixel long) bitmaps I had prepared in The GIMP from stills taken from the original sequence. This was easier to do in Inkscape.

If I was doing a sequence from scratch rather than make a copy of an existing sequence I would have used Advanced Outlines instead.

I’ve now written a little bit about how the animation was created on my blog: … today.html