synfig window crash directly after start

Hai folks,

i have a problem with synfig version 0.63.02 64Bit under ubuntu oneric ocelot. When i start the application, i see for a second the window, but then it would be closed. I found the following error message in the console:

synfig(10062) [14:06:33] Information: Lade Module von /opt/synfig/etc/synfig_modules.cfg

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: Object class gtkmm__CustomObject_N6studio15ValueBase_EntryE doesn’t implement property ‘editing-canceled’ from interface ‘GtkCellEditable’
GLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library during ‘Das Argument ist ungültig’: pthread_cond_timedwait. Aborting.

Do you know, whats wrong with my installation ?

Thank you very much for your support and excuse my bad english knowlegde, i’m not a native speaker. :slight_smile:



First, thanks for report the issue.
Second I’ll try to reproduce the problem in a virtual machine with Ubuntu Oneric Ocelot 64 bits to see if the problem is with Synfig, the libraries or your machine.

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 11.10 64 bits in a 4 GB of RAM 4 cores virtual machine.
Just after install I’ve downloaded and installed Synfig Studio 0.63.02.
Then I have run Synfig Studio from terminal. I’ve been able to open the famous eye.sif file and render it to png sequence.
When trying to render to avi using ffmpeg target it complains that ffmpeg is not found and after that crash.
I’ve not found that GLib (gthread-posix.c) message yet.
Do you do something in particular to trigger the crash?

Installing ffmpeg (sudo apt-get install ffmpeg) fixes the crash.

Hai Genete,

thank you for your fast reply, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me to install “ffmeg”, because it’s already installed.

What version of ffmpeg do you have installed ?

Thank you very much for your support.



The one that comes from ‘sudo apt-get install ffmpeg’, nothing special.
I’m sorry to not be able to reproduce the problem.
Have you tried with other machine from a friend or something?
Did you custom tune Ubuntu with other libraries that might cause the crash?
I just installed Ubuntu and after that Synfig Studio and apart of ffmpeg issue it goes fine.

So i’ve got the solution. My libglib2 version 2.31 is wrong. I’ve downgraded it to version 2.30 and everything works fine.

Thank you for your support.