Synfig will not work

Hello Everyone:
I am new to Lennix-Ubuntu-and Synfig.
However, I was using Syngig with success, for about one week, and doing the tutorials.
Yesterday afternoon, something has gone wrong and I cannot get the program to work for me.
I cannot fill an object, Draw a square…the color pallette is not working.
I have done it all to help myself learn…I am a novice.
What has happened to the program that does not allow me to use it?
Any suggestions?

Hello and welcome.

It’s a bit vague for us to help you.
Do you have cairo turned on/off in preferences? Can you open other scenes? What exactly happens when you try to fill an object or use the color pallette? Have you perhaps turned on full transparency for colours?
Etc, more info please.

Thank you for your reply.

It has been an incredable 24 hours of anxious trembling and confusion.
I reloaded the Sinfig Program, I turmed it on, or opened it up…jusy one hour ago.
I set up all the settings in preferences…etc. But, everything was still not working
Then, by curiosity I selected the “save all” buttom in the upper tool box.
Then, I drew a circle, and everything is back working fine…I made a simple animation from the circle…it worked perfectly.

So, I conclude…we must…select…the save all buttom when getting started.
All this reactivated my work space, and now I am very happy to move forward with my life.

I am experienced with Illustrator and Windows stuff…but, I just came to Lennix and Ubuntu, and Synfig very recently.
I am a retired art teacher, and I have a strong interest in optical illusions, which I am learning about for many years now, but, most intently in the past 5 years, since retirement. My work has been with Illustrator, but, I wanted to move into new territory, and 2D animation seemed the next step in my learning. I have a vision scientist friend, working in Canada, and he is a research scholar, who I recieve help and understanding from. A great man. Truly.

I was playing with gif filter animation in GIMP…with success.

So, to tell everyone a little about who I am and I am just getting started. Singfig is certainly the program I need, there is no doubting its capacity, I just could not get it working and it took 24 hours…one day…to find the right button…if that was the glitch.

I am certain, I will have more questions, but, I work hard to find answers first.

One final question: Can you export the Synfig Animation? I have tried all kinds of ways.
I am sure I can find that answer in the frequently asked guestions list.
Thanks to everyone for making all this happen…it is a delight to have found this site and Synfig…I live in Newfoundland, Canada.

Keith Fillier

Hi Keith,
Yes you can export your animation but always to a movie file format or a image sequence.
Have you seen this?

Thanks Genete.

I have that site copied to my desktop and I can learn more when I am stumpted again.
This is a good forum group.

Thanks Everyone.

Keith Fillier