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CNET Editors’ Rating:
5.0 stars

CNET Editors’ review
by: CNET staff on February 03, 2012

The last time we reviewed Synfig Studio, we were deeply impressed by this powerful freeware animation suite but more than a little daunted by the installation and setup process (make that processes). Synfig Studio is still totally free, but now it’s also totally easy to install and easier than ever to use. Of course, creating digital animations is not exactly the same thing as applying the red-eye filter in your image editor; it’s still a detailed process that involves a lot of steps. But Synfig offers tons of help, tutorials, examples, and extras, making it as easy or easier to use than other Flash animation tools, and it’s fun to see your animations come to life. […] … 55202.html

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old article - Issue 109 - December 2009
“Projects on the move” , Morevna Project and Synfig Studio citation. … ojects.pdf

new article from !

Overview of 2D animation programs
Simply Moving - Author(s): Marko Dragicevic - 15.03.2013

With the right tool and a bit of artistic talent, you can create two-dimensional cartoons, even without Flash. In this article, we present four animation programs and look at how well they perform in practice. … tion-Tools

(i have not read it yet, and found it by … ig&x=0&y=0 )