Synfig vs Blender e Gimp

I was thinking the same way that other programs open Sorce implement the new versions of programs!?
Blender creates short films while working on software so seeing where to improve, it might be the case that Synfig follow the example!?
As for Gimp, which until now has been very similar to synfig have the option to merge all windows into one without making the birds, he also inkscape this fact and the windows go to the side, fashion has it that you have not flying windows and everything is compact would do well … maybe the popularity of the program.
are reflections that can help develop synfig.
Note: it would take for the film professionals or semi professionals

Morevna Project is the reply for the first part. More developers (two partially ones right now) is the reply for the second part.
There is a specific forum for Morevna Project in this board.

I hope I can join you at mid summer!

Hi Caesar!
Do you have coding knowledge? If you want to talk about coding we can start other thread in the proper forum and do nor steal this thread to 00Synfig :wink:

I know a little bit, but i will complete my knowledge in a few weeks. (I know Java, ad a little C and C++, so I hope I can complete my C++ knowledge in a few weeks so I can help.)