Synfig unexpectedly stops when rendering starts

When I render video, Synfig hangs and stops working after some seconds. I have created animation and I can’t even render it😭

Resolution - 1280 × 720
Time Duration - 1296f
RAM - 4GB (Celeron processor😔)
32 bit Windows

Hi! Which OS and Synfig version you are using? Can you provide your file so we can check what is wrong?

My version is 1.2.2 stable
Windows 10 OS

But I can’t upload the files now, I am sorry.
I have seen in task manager that it starts consuming 100%disk then it stops working

I found that My CPU’s clock speed was 1.6GHz. I think due to this, it couldn’t process and abruptly stops.

It could be your memory too.
Make a copy of your file and try to open this copy in version 1.3.13 and render it

Try to render via command line and check the output :wink:

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How can I do this? I don’t how to render through command line

File named synfig is located inside Synfig Studio’s /bin/ folder. You can run it like synfig <your_project.sif>. Or look to the list of available options with synfig --help.

@rodolforg I tried v1.3.13 (32 bit) and it was able to render to PNGs successfully but took a long time. Thanks to all!

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