Synfig taught in class

I taught an artblock (3rd through 12th grade elective, twice a week for an hour - my school is weird) at my old school on Synfig Studio. I had seven kids in my artblock - one senior, and six junior high or younger.
This was what we presented at the end. Keep in mind, this isn’t a what people managed to get finished by the end of the artblock - it’s what they did on the last day, having learned stuff but not saved any work earlier in the artblock.

Congratulations! It is always good to know that someone is teaching Synfig at any level! Please keep us informed about your progresses. If you have a link I would like to put it on the website as show case.

By post a link…did you mean upload the file? Because here it is. I’m 99% sure there are no links to outside files, but if there are, let me know. Also, as mentioned in the video description on youtube, the penguin was NOT created in Synfig Studio, but downloaded from here and animated in Synfig Studio.
ArtblockOne.sifz (386 KB)

By link I mean a blog, website or news, where it is commented your activities in your old school.