Synfig Studio runs very well in KDE

Because GNOME has problems with UDF filing system, and I needed some material on DVDs that GNOME can’t even read I installed Fedora 17 KDE on my computer.

I’ve never had KDE before and it’s actually a rather nice desktop environment. To my surprise Synfig Studio not only looks a lot nicer in KDE, but it also runs better too - I really can’t understand why this should be. I think it’s possibly due to the compositor.

The main window updates much more quickly and the only crash I’ve encountered is the closing when the tree widget is unfolded in the Parameters Panel and you close Synfig Studio.

I’ve become a huge fan of KDE over the last year or so. I find Synfig runs very well on the KDE flavor of Linux Mint. As a bonus, Krita is great on KDE (as one would expect) so you get an up-and-coming os painting program in the bargain.