Synfig Stroke layer

-Hi good day, I dont know where I can post this post, but here is.

-I have an Idea for make a Stroke Layer option on synfig for make animations that can look like this: … e.png?dl=0

-Saddly I dont know nothing about programing, and I do this one moving all strokes behind of the chracter, but its no really practical. … s.png?dl=0

-But this was my idea, If we can make in the Shade Layer, the Option Type have one option for: NO BLUR, I think it will work for make a stroke. … e.png?dl=0

-I hope some one that know how this code works make a test to see if this will viable idea.

Nice feature request. As a workaround you can also select box blur in the shade parameters and crank the amount value up to around 100 and make sure the center of the shade layer is equal to the center of the object. you should get a black line then. Although not totally perfect around the corners, but that should not be visible while animating.

-Wow! Its Actually Works, thanks so much. … 0.png?dl=0

-The Paramethers will be:
Amounth = 100
Blend Method = Behind (OBIUSLY)
Origin = 0,0
Size = 10 (size that you want can change)
Type = Disc Blur (this one was the better define for the Stroke, the other blur methods left some noise blur arround the pic)

Good idea but it might be out of the scope of platform as far as i know!