Synfig stops working

Hello out there in Synfig world! :slight_smile: I’m having another issue with the program. It will stop working in the middle of a project. I’m learning (very quickly) to save often. I have had this happen several times while going through the annimating shapes tutorial. It also appears to stop working when I try to render this completed project. It seems to save it, but when I try to open, a pop-up comes up and says “document not well formed”. I’ve saved it as png and gif. I don’t think it’s me :unamused: Any suggestions? Pamelita

Hi Pamelita,

Maybe you’re trying to open a png (raster image) file? Synfig doesn’t open that kind of files but import them. When you render you transform the vector document into a raster type file. You have to import it (as raster) to reuse it elsewhere, but to save the Synfig document you have to Save it, not Render it.

I hope it helps.