Synfig Stick Animation

Stick figures animated in Synfig. VERY LIMITED animation, don’t expect much. I’m still a huge Synfig noob, and the Windows version tends to crash A LOT, so that really slows things down(but maybe that’s because I’m on a dev version.)

Click image to see animation:

The song “Summer84” by Neon Niteclub is distributed under a creative commons license and is freely available for download:

Synfig project attached:
sticks.sifz (21.3 KB)

Hi Darth!
That’s cool!
I really appreciate your efforts on still working on Synfig Windows version. We are aware about its instability and are working hard to try to make it more usable each day.

Nice work. Wish my hips were so flexible… :wink:
Windows Synfig users are hardcore! 8)

It’s really fun!

Great work.

Hi Genete - Thanks! I’ve got more stuff in the works(making video tutorials right now, nothing fancy just doing the wiki articles). Really glad that you’re still working hard on Synfig.

darkspace65 - I wish my hips were that flexible too! I must’ve made them shake those hips out of jealousy.

Fenix - Thanks! I wish I had added more dancing(some moves are only 3 frames), or arranged them in a way that was a little more interesting, but the end result turned out better than I expected. Still, my next animation won’t be stick figures.

very nice!