Synfig seems to truncate Pappagayo provided data

I am running Synfig 1.4.2. I have tried this with Pappagayo-NG1.6.6.0 and Pappagayo 2.0b1.

I have an stereo audio wav clip made using audacity 3.1.3. The audio clip is 14 seconds long.

I set up a pgo file based on that 14 sec wav and imported both the pgo and wav into Synfig.

Regardless of which version of Pappagayo I create the pgo file with, Synfig 1.4.2 clips the replay at 5 seconds?!

The pgo files created seem to be fine as the frames x fps add up to the 14 seconds.

If I import the audio alone the problem is the same, so it turns out its not related to Pappagayo.

I originally set the sample rate to 44100 default in Audacity, but resaved using 16000. The problem persisted, so it wasn’t some quirk with WAV sample rate.

Is there a limit on audio length in Synfig?

No, “there is no such limitation”.

Your animation may be shorter than the audio.
Change the End Time in Render Settings:

There is a bug, however, related to Export with audio tracks: It was fixed, but not released yet.

Ah, in fact I was looking at the playing of animations within the editor canvas.

I now note I seem to have to adjust frame numbers in the render menu, the preview menu and on the canvas timeline.

Thanks for the hint!

Makes sense, since its a cine editing idiom.