Synfig renaming discussion

I have one to add to this discussion,
as I am not allowed to edit the spreadsheet in Google docs…

This is what confuses me a bit:
“Translate Layer” for the layer to move things around (change position in x & y directions)

To “translate” is very much bound to language translation, at least for me.

I’d prefer:

  • relocate layer
  • transfer layer
  • position layer
  • move layer

While I agree that translate is also used with languages, my dictionary (Oxford English) give the meaning as “…cause to move so that all its parts travel in the same direction, impart motion without rotation.” which seems like a very accurate description of what we’re trying to convey…


I think translate is a good term here as it is what is used in many other animation softwares. I’ve never come across any of your other suggestions in any animation tool, and I’ve used quite a few. I think we should as much as possible stick with conventional terms. Inventing own ones will only lead to confusion of the users.

Edit: ok, move could be used but I still thinks translate is a better term.

Native English speakers would have come across translate used in its mathematical context numerous times at school.

I have memories of drawing dots on squared paper with coloured pencils to do translations!

well then, you convinced me, it was just my German English, sorry… :wink: