Synfig project not as complex as Morevna

I know that Morevna will get done eventually, but in the mean time, why don’t we start a project that isn’t so complex, so that we can see a finished product. I’m thinking of doing a two minute cartoon or something, and then when that’s finished we can do another two minute cartoon. It will give us things to add to the Synfig portfolio and add give people online something to notice and talk about. What do you think?

It is always a good idea. Remember one thing: Work on it regardless the contributions you receive from community. If it is interesting, people will help. Also it is good to start from the ground up: first the script, character personality and clear story. Later the designs, storyboard and animatic. Finally sound composition (if any) tracing keyframes and final composition.
Try to use some of the open source hosting facilities and let open doors for free contribution. Github is a good option. Also consider to use remakefor rendering. Finally, don’t forget that it is for fun! no fun, no project.

Good luck!!!

Could you please explain what you mean by tracing key frames. This is the one part I don’t understand. Thanks.

Take a look at some of the posts in the Morevna project e.g. viewtopic.php?f=23&t=460


I’m reading the discussion, but I’m afraid I don’t understand. Does a person trace the drawing with an automatic process or do they trace it by hand in Synfig? And I’m also wondering about how the animation is done. Does a person trace the first keyframe and then move the nodes to match the next keframe, or does a person trace the first keyframe and then trace the second one? Thanks again for the help!

It is a manual process. Over the keyframe footage, you stydy carefully the keyframes and decide what shapes have to be drawn and how will they still along the time. Then you trace one of them (maybe it is not necessarily the first one) and then using the shapes of the traced keyframe, move it to the correct place on the other keyframes.
See this