Synfig output compatability

Hello! I’m completely new to Synfig and to animation. I need to integrate an animation into a short music video I am making. So I have the following concern: Will the output from Synfig Studio go into Adobe Elements Video Editor? I seem to have seen a note that GIF output was not yet possible (on PCs)…but that may have changed.

Thank you. Ken Laufer

Hi jassiken, welcome to Synfig community!
Synfig can output many video output formats. We rely on ffmpeg libraries to export video files. Also animated gif and image sequence can be exported. I don’t know what can import Adobe Elements Video Editor but I’m sure you won’t have any issue on that.

Yo! Just make sure that the FPS is the same in Synfig and Premiere Elements. If you’re working on 25 fps at Elements, keep the same on Synfig. :smiley:

After that, export from Synfig as PNG sequences, then reimport in Elements (PNG sequences, not individual images). Works like a charm!