Synfig onionskin

I’m having trouble with Onionskin tool. Synfig shows only the first and last frame .
What should I do?

Make a better explanation of the problem and formulate the right question.

Excuse me
I am Brazilian and I am using google translator .

when I enable the button of onionskin . Does not appear the buttons of past values ​​and future. Change them by metadata . The frames that only appears the last and the first .

Hi, you need to expand the window in order to see the buttons :wink:
Oi, você precisa para expandir a janela para ver os botões :wink:

Also keep in mind that onionskin only reacts to keyframes not waypoints. You have only one keyframe in your example. To get more frames in your onionskin you also have to put more keyframes at keypositions.

edit: I like the flower. Don’t forget to post your final work in the forum. :smiley:

Lol, that was it . I’m using a display 4: 3. The buttons appeared.
I did not create the keyframes .
Everything’s solved.

thank you darkspace65 and BobSynfig

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: