SynFig on OpenBSD ?

I use an old Thinkpad G40 as my open-source computer and last fall had Lucid Puppy Linux with SynFig running successfully (though I never got my also-old Wacom tablet’s pressure sensitivity set up).

Because of browser and other issues I “upgraded” to Wary Puppy, which proved even more problematic, then went over to OpenBSD 5.1, which installed easily, but lacks a SynFig package, and is otherwise fairly intimidating but not unmanageable with lots of man pages reading.

I do miss SynFig – I LIKE DUCKS! – and would like to “compile from source,” if possible (though an easily installed OpenBSD SynFig package would be even better). The build instructions for a release version –
For released versions, “./configure && make && sudo make install” should be enough.

– don’t work for me, but that ksh is a mighty, mysterious thing.

I wrote directly to the FreeBSD SynFig maintainer for advice, but received no response. My attempts to install a FreeBSD and its port system onto this laptop failed.

Any OpenBSD users out there running SynFig? Please help!?



./configure && make && sudo make install is enough is you have installed all the dependences.
Please run: $ ./configure and verify that there are not error messages. If any, then try to fix them by installing the corresponding missing dependences.
Once the configuration is fine then continue with the other two commands.
Good luck!

hi genete,

i have a fairly minimal install of OpenBSD 5.2 and even with inkscape and gimp, which seems to core dump every time it’s open, i’m lacking most of the required dependencies; i don’t think OBSD even has an option for one of the ETL dependencies.

there does seem to be a built-in Linux emulation-- that loaded easily with pkg_add --so i’m wondering if such a workaround would be problematic?

does the linux binary include all the dependencies?

certainly, a package especially built for OBSD would be preferable for my skill level.

might concentrate on learning Blender with a 2D emphasis for now…since some of its functionality seems required for completing synfig projects the open-source way. and dabble with the synfig on a windows machine where responsiveness is thus far problematic.

there was a recent blender forum post about developing blender’s 2d friendliness: are there fundamental incompatibilities between sf and b that would prevent some synfig functionality from being added-on to blender?



p.s. is the hotkeys sheet mostly current? no shortcut for adding a keyframe?

Yes, our binaries packages downloaded from the website doesn’t require third libraries because all them are included. It is possible that for some distribution you need to install a package but we work to provide a all in one solution. Of course the platform specific packages (debian, unbuntu, etc.) of Synfig Studio has its own dependences.

Certainly I’ve not idea of what are you talking about.

I think that there isn’t a built in hot key for that but you can edit the accelrc file and modify it to add your own hotkey.