Synfig noob, using it for pinball graphics


I’m starting to work on a project to write custom software for a pinball machine using the P-ROC ( Pinball machines (anything since around 1990 anyway) have a dot-matrix display (DMD) where the score and various animations are displayed.

I was looking for an open-source option for creating an animation and then rendering to the correct size as a .png sequence and came across Synfig. Great software - I had my first animations running on the pinball screen within a couple of hours which considering I’ve never used any animation software before was pretty pleasing!

I am sure there will be some noob questions coming along!


Hey MarkS,

Welcome to the forum. Great use of Synfig! Please keep us posted and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Hi Marks,
It is quite cool the usage of Synfig you’re doing!
I would suggest to use the Magick++ renderer when producing an animated gif. It would remove all the artifacts and decrease drastically the file size. The provided binaries for linux do have the renderer installed so yu can use it.

Good luck!