SYNFIG Newbie - want to place an item at 10 second timeline


I want to create an explainer video with SYNFIG.
I am absolutely new to SYNFIG and have seen a few tutorials so far.

But I want to start the video with company logo and after 10 seconds the product image should appear. But each time I import the product image, it starts at second 0 and is visible all the time. How can i force SYNFIG to display company logo and after 10 seconds on the timeline the product picture should appear and be visible (not all the time).

  • I created key at 0 seconds and a keyframe at 10 seconds.
  • I import the company logo
  • then i go to 10 seconds in timeline and import the product image -> but it always appears at keyframe 0 and is visible all the time

I would be glad to receive your help or tutorial where this SYNFIG behaviour is described.

Best regards,

The amount parameter in the Parameters Panel is your best friend.