Synfig needs good examples encouraging new users

Blender and CinePaint are software libre tools also used on animation, which have good examples to show how far these tools are capable of.

Otherwise, from Synfig, these examples are mostly scary, specially what can be seen from youtube (not unregretting the efforts from people made them), mostly showing some lack of features Synfig may have.

I don’t know how far would be Synfig organizing animation contests, workshops at animation schools, and trying to promote Synfig on animation work can be good enough to be part of a known animation festival (maybe also promoting itinerant workshops in these festivals), and even supported and helped from hollywood (like cinepaint) and japanese/european/canadian producers

Testing Synfig from the high requirements from the animation professionals and students can be interesting for Synfig improvement and development

+1 for trying to promote synfig in contests / workshop, but unfortunately that’s out of my league.

Meanwhile you can find examples (of all quality) at

Any contribution to this list is welcome, it’s as easy as filling the online spreadsheet for the repository.


Promoting Synfig via workshops and serious animation? I’m in! That is, I’m ALREADY in; check out my Moonlight Reckoning project.

As for Synfig’s lack of capabilities, indeed that’s absolutely true. The software does require extensive coding, re-imagining and plenty of time to mature, (it’s still a 0.62 release), but that does not mean it isn’t usable. Compared to Toon Boom, Synfig is difficult to Lip Sync due to its lack of sound feature, but is actually MUCH EASIER to animate than any other software once you get the hang of it.

The goal of Morevna and Benevolence is to emphasize on the strengths of the tools in the hope of attracting coders to contribute. Once that happens Synfig would become an undisputed animation tool.