Synfig Love

I found an article about Synfig on CT, a german Computer Magazine,
was print the frame of an eye, good work (now I can say thanks to Pixelgeek, who made the image!!)
I was so happy about a vectorial animation open software!
I m graduate in Multimedia animation, but I work like Webdeveloper, freelance.
I started as Flash developer and after animator, video editor and Visualjokey.
Now Im working on Linux Platform with succes, also for commercial projects, But I had to wait for holidays to try Synfig.

Actually a Pirate Party Crew from Berlin asked me to produce a small no-profit animated web-cartoon, to spread theyr ideas. We need a OpenSoftware with vectorials library and tweens compatible with a a Lipsync software.
And my holiday started…

Papagayo software for Lipsync and Synfig to animate looks like the best propousal to do our project.
But when I import the papagayo list file in Synfig, the image box appear empty !
is there in the levels, I can see the working tool active on the empry box.

Im reeding all the tutorials and discussion that I find but For sure I still have to try,
could be also the papagayo file corrupted.

Alice aka Headsquatter

Actually, I can’t claim any credit for the eye animation. It was originally done by Voria. I just rendered it and posted it on YouTube. That said, it still gets lots of hits there.

Looking forward to seeing great animations!

Hi Alice (headsquatter),
congratulations for being in love with Synfig. You’ll be very happy with it :wink:

Does it have the correct format? The papagayo file output is not directly recognized as it outputs form papagayo. IIRC you have to specify the file format unless it is JPEG (default one).
Try to use the example file you have in the wiki:

Maybe your synfig version doesn’t support papagayo import? If it is 0.61.09 or above it should work.

Are the files in the same folder than the List Importer file?

Do you have any output from the terminal? (run synfigstudio from a terminal instead from the menu entry).


:blush: first error! So thanks to your active cooperation Pixelgeek, and thanks to Voria for the draw then!

:blush: second error!

ok, shame on me, I did not get it, thanks Genete is working!!!
I tried everything else you sad reeding the tutorials!
I tought was the file path but I was trying to place the all image folder in the project folder! (to recreate the papagayo paths)

Was my error simply but maybe will be better to integrate that sentence about the Image path in the tutorial!
Great! Now I can go on to build the cartoon structure…

Lunga vita a Synfig!
Live long and prosper Synfig!