Synfig loosing layers when importing .sif file

Hi could you help with this problem? I’ve made a charcter in Inkscape, and then saved it as .sif file. As everything is looking good in Inkscape, when imported to Synfig I can see that it lost ome of the layers. I checked if it not visible, but yeah, layers which should be on place aren’t there and I don’tknow how to deal with this issue

Which version of Inkscape and Synfig?
There are some incompabilities between the 2 softwares and recently some problems with letters have been solved reverting to Inkscape 0.91 (see … 546#p34546)
Also Sif Import Problem!!!: viewtopic.php?t=10549

You could try to use a portable version in order to mess your current Inkscape

I have 1.3.5 Synfig and 0.92 Inkcape

In my case - I save file in Inkscape in .sif extension, and Synfig reads it without a problem. I just doesn’t read some of the layers, and I don’t know why.