Synfig Lighting Effects

Hi all, i wasn’t able to do anything in the past version of Synfig due to the excessive times at rendering (even exporting only PNG sequences) this new release makes me really happy not only for the new features, but also because i’m able to render my projects in no time.

I’m still impressed for the lighting capabilities of Synfig, still i have no clue at all of how i can take advantage of it at all, messing around i made this short test animation using some basic blending (press image to take you to the video)

unlike graphic editors, the ones (blendings) of Synfig seems to have a behavior that i’m not quite used to, but they work wonderful, have some of you made experiment about lightings? can you give me some advices?

HERE’s the project file if you want to take a look:

thanks, also greetings to Genete and staff and also congrats for the new site =)

There is only one tutorial for shiny effects.
I think it is a good field to explore. I don’t have much experience right now. There are a couple of work in progress in the forum that uses light flares in the animation. Look posts from ricardo garcia.

The effects looks very well. Can you share the sifz file? The metaballs can be interesting for that kind of effects.

I have an old lightning effect in youtube. Maybe it can help :wink:

I edited and included the .sifz file, also i noticed metaballs (which at first i read as meatballs [???], but i had no idea what they do, at least not for now so i didn’t use it) while i worked on synfig i noticed some things i’ll post in the feature discussion, i’ll try to find more ways to simplify this process, it might be a way.


I don’t remember any speed improvements or clogging bugs
Can somebody tell me what change or what version you are talking about?

that wasn’t due at all to synfig, but was more about the libs that my distro need, the packages on the repos (Mandriva 2009 and 2009.1) aren’t set properly, i could download and use the RPM from the download page in the old site for 2009 but in 2009.1 it says that rpm is incompatible, so i had no other way but install it from source, i could install version 0.61.09 of Synfig and worked fine, but i had some problems with libraries as Synfig Studio seem to use old one and not the latest ( Image Magick, ffmpeg and so). I had too to install version 0.62.00 from source but this time all works fine, i used the line pkgconfig to mark the paths for the appropriate libraries (BTW, this wasn’t of use with version 0.61.09, still used old libraries, which, btw, i couldn’t uninstall due that other programs need them as dependencies) i was used to like Mandriva, but i always had this kind of problems, that i can’t install properly something from my repos (due that some dependency is not present and can not satisfactorily install on system) or they are outdated =(

HERE is a taste of what i had to pass for install Synfig

If you want to help others to make a rpm for Synfig and/or build from sources please write a building guide in the wiki or here. You’ll be welcome :smiley:


I would like to, but in the process of installing Synfig i messed with lines and paths that maybe i shouldn’t, i can do it via LiveCD of course as it count as a clean installation, if you don’t have in mind a next release soon, i can make the RPM

:laughing: :laughing:
I have in mind a tiny release every six months. But It is just intentions! :wink:
Better ask official packagers to create the RPM for your favorite distribution.