Synfig keeps crashing on Windows 7

I always experience my synfig to crash when im animating my characters. i read somewhere that the problem is that 4 cpus are working at the same time and thats what causes it, but wether i put synfig on one core or 4 cores it doesnt matter. it keeps crashing. anyone knows how to solve that problem or at least make synfig crash less?

Be sure that you have the option of “Single Threaded renderer” active in the Setup dialog.

ok, i saw that its already selected. but theres something else that bothers me, can u tell me if this is a bug or its just me doing something wrong?

Possibly a bug but don’t know how to fix it.

I’ve seen that before - I think it’s an issue with the rotate layer…

I get that sometimes. To me it looks like you have the position of three green position ducks (the ones for the Outline layer and the two Rotate layers) interfering with each other - you can sort this by adjusting the position duck for the arm. I notice on your image the green position duck of the arm is not visible - that rings alarm bells when using a rotate layer.

You always have to watch out for where position ducks are if you want to do rotation - their position does matter.