Synfig IndieGoGo/Kicstarter

I was wondering why doesn’t synfig do an indiegogo or kickstarter to improve its software?

Because we need more developers rather than funding. If you find a new developer that want to code synfig for money you’re free to start a funding campaign.

Or we could used the funding to hire part time devs to code.

I was wondering if we could find some one who is eligible for kickstarter to do the funding campaign. A windows/mac version with all the bells and whistles is a must for synfig community to grow.

Anyone eligble for kickstarter interested in doing a Synfig Campaign. I can’t emphasis enought the importance of a windows version of the MorevaProject version of Synfig. It will make it easier for me to hire animators for my secret synfg project.

I think now is the time to do an indiegogo/kickstarter to improve Synfig.

I think Genete’s getting ready for an update. I assume it will have the Morevna updates rolled in? At that point, I’ll update the Windows build (assuming it compiles).

I’ll post a report status about that at synfig-devl and here in the forum.