Synfig immediately crashes, no message

Hello, I’ve been working on an animation for a couple weeks, saving it routinely. I’ve been using the SynfigStudio-1.2.2-18.09.14-win64-286f1.exe version.

Unfortunately yesterday when saving it Synfig crashed. Since then Synfig itself will open and let me start new work–but opening the animation I was developing causes Synfig to crash immediately with no error message.

So…I downloaded the SynfigStudio-1.3.16-testing2020.08.06-win64-bc82b.exe version. This version doesn’t crash when loading the file, but gives me an error message:

“…Document not well-formed. Line 1, column 1 (fatal): Extra content at the end of the document.”

So apparently the animation was corrupted somehow. I’ve read elsewhere that the animation is actually xml, but when I load it using the xml tools I have (Notepad ++ and XMLSpy) the document is not readable…it must be compiled somehow (?)

Is there a way for me to edit the file and recover my work?

.sif is a plain xml file.
If your file is .sifz, however, it’s somehow “zipped”.

It looks like you use Windows. So you can convert it .sifz in a zip archive here:

Select “Convert archive (only from archive)”, upload your .sifz and you will download a .zip. Open it and you’ll get a file without extension. Append a .sif extension. :slight_smile:
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