Synfig help needed in New York

Hi again everyone,
I want to learn Synfig. If I succeed, I can then teach it to others. I bought a used tablet PC for this purpose, but I have never installed Linux, and am used to a Mac. If there are any Synfig users in New York who would be willing to help set up Linux on my PC and give me a Synfig lesson, I would be extremely grateful. Please contact me via

Thank you.

–Nina Paley
Sita Sings the Blues

I wish I could help but it falls on me being quite far from New York. I wish you luck though!

Hi Nina,
regardless you can obtain any personal help for Synfig teaching around NY never forget that you still having all the support from us in the forum, chat or any other channel that would short the physical distance.
Good luck!

Unfortunately, I’m not in the New York area either, but like Genete said, these forums and IRC are a great place to ask for help about Synfig.

If your computer has Windows right now, it shouldn’t be that hard to install Synfig. However, I’m actually in the surprising position of saying that Ubuntu is nowadays becoming more and more similar to Macs as opposed to Windows. If you’re interested in installing Linux, you can always try contacting the Ubuntu LoCo Team in New York and see if you can get some personal help.

Good luck!

I’m happy to report that Ubuntu is now up and running on the tablet, and Linux is installed (along with Pencil - anyone used Pencil? - and GIMP) and I have begun exploring.

Hi Nina,

I use Synfig and Pencil in tandem for most of my stuff. I generally use Pencil to work out character animation and similar things (likes bubbles bubbling, for example). I tend to use Synfig for effects and anything that needs (or will at least work with) auto-tweening. I also use Gimp and Inkscape pretty heavily in the process as well. I don’t have your chops, but I used this work flow to make this animated book trailer:

While it’s true that Synfig, Pencil, and the rest are all in a state of constant improvement, I find the biggest limitation to be my own still developing skills rather than the software. In your case, I’m sure you’ll do great stuff once you figure out your own open source work flow.