synfig graphic user interface

*before i post i read the documentation but could not understand it clearly english not being my mother tongue:i would like to know how to link different synfig windows so that they make only one
*thanks in advance

Synfig Studio is a multiple window application. You can dock together all the panels in the same panel docker but you will have at last three windows: Tool box, main working window and panel docker.

*well since i have not been able to detect the tab icons (To dock (join) separate windows into one you must drag the tab icons for each of the tools into another window. ),(You can create subdivisions inside the windows by dragging the icons into the side tabs (located around the edges, the look like rectangles) and (Tool tabs inside the window can be arranged by dragging them on top of one another, therefore changing the order. )…i am going to stay away sometime from synfig until i learn a bit more about its graphic user interface…,btw i have installed pencil just to make the difference between its gui and synfig’s one and yes it has small squares that help join and dis-join its 2 panels…;i also use gimp but gimp for now has only 2 panels
*i must admit that synfig is what it is told about:a soft that’s full of promises desserves greater devellopment