Synfig Funding

Hello, I’m a producer at Titmouse inc ( we’ve been looking to develop a open source animation software that could replace flash in our 2d animation pipeline. After looking at Synfig it looks like you’ve already laid the groundwork for what we were planning on doing. I’m interested in talking with you about helping to develop and fund the software further to get it to a level where we can use it for full production for TV animation.

When you have a minute I’d like to talk with some of the developers about teaming up.



Hi kalina, please choose one on line channel of your taste to talk. We would arrange a meeting with the current Synfig staff.

This is splendid news for Synfig! Could be just what this animation software needs.

Hi, Kalina!

Genete (above) is the main developer of Synfig Studio. My name is Konstantin Dmitriev, I’m an administrator of Synfig Studio development.
We will be happy to discuss possible ways of collaboration with you.

Besides being an administrator of this project, I am also the head of Morevna Project - … -released/) and some other commercial jobs. So I can offer my help and consultation about integration of Synfig Studio into your workflow.

I think it’s best to have a meeting in the chat and discuss everything there. Please see the e-mail I’ve sent to you for details.

Hi Kalina!
I’m Diego Barrios and I also code a little for Synfig when I have free time.
I’m so happy that a real-world enterprise like yours has interest in investing in Synfig Studio and making it an industry-production tool.

Please count on our total commitment in developing Synfig further.

Best regards from the other side of the Ocean,

  • Diego