Synfig Forums having problems...

Well obviously if you’re reading this, you hit the forum at a good moment in time. But just to let you know, there have been intermittent issues with ‘out of memory’ or SQL failures being reported when trying to access the forums.

If you run into this, try reloading. If that doesn’t work, please wait a while and retry later. If you have questions that you think someone can answer, check out IRC - the #synfig channel on Freenode. You don’t need to hop on IRC and tell us the forums are down - we likely already know.

We’re working to come up with a more robust solution. Thanks for your patience.


I’ve asked darco to reset the virtual server to see if that helps.
Crossing fingers :wink:

Although obviously, from time to time the vps is reachable, it still having lots of memory problems.

  1. For users: Please be aware on possible change of the forum’s host. There will be a transition period announced here and pointing to the new forum host. Also the forum will be locked, so don’t worry on post here by now.
  2. For administrators: I have a copy of the whole vps data, so it can be easy to rsync it again before migration. Questions are:
    a) Sourceforge host services doesn’t seem to have sendmail features. I have to confirm this once Zelgadis come back but for the moment I don’t know how to make it work.
    b) That makes difficult to manage new users autoconfirmed by email, which is a bad new.

Looking forward for any possible opinion on that.