Synfig for Mac?

Hey all

I’ve spent a lot of time looking desperately to download “Synfig” for my Mac computer. For some reason I can find no links, no nothing for downloading it on my Mac and this is really my last resort for attempting to figure out how or where I can actually download a Mac version of the program. If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it, give me any links or let me know how and where I can download a Mac version of Synfig.


Hi Erik!

There is no downloadable package for mac system, however there is instructions how to build it for mac osx here:
However I can’t get it to build as it should when following thoose instructions, but I don’t know much about programming and building from source, maybe you’re able to manage the task.
I wish you good luck and please report back here how it’s going.


I think the Mac build is somehow broken so you’d either have to build Synfig from source or you can install it via Fink:


It is difficult to help on this issue when I don’t have access to a mac machine.
If any of you have any clue to build the source code for mac please post here in the forum the results.
Also please to download the sources from git. The build instructions should be the same but you have only to retrieve the sources one time (only one repository).

Good luck

(and glad to see you back Ulrik!!! :smiley:)

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll have a look into it and give it a go, I’ll let you’s know how I go on it.