Synfig for 2d game animations

Has it improved with the latest versions … nd-synfig/

Check this out first. (25 KB)

I did.

Now you are telling me that you can create a game but your problem is that you cannot find out witch exported png to use for your sequence?

What was I suppose to do with it?

Are you a bot?
You can render if you like all your animation on png series.
You can set your frame rate as you like to suits your needs.
What else you wand? To get it in one file?

Sorry for my bad attitude. But synfig does not have to be improved to be able to produce game graphics. As for game development I have some experience. Most of the time I just don’t weight things properly and I end up with just code and some graphics and almost every time with just a demo and not a full game.
Sorry again, I was just wandering among forums and sites too long, in search for the perfect tool for me. But there is no perfect tool. Searching must be in limits cause it may suck all your time and with this time you can gain some experience by using some tools for example.

As for the sif file none must be afraid of it. It is just an xml file. It’s synfig’s ‘secret’ gem.