"Synfig failed to initialise properly" HELP!

When I go into Voria and go to synfig studio it brings up a window saying application failed to initialise (0xc00000ba). I have downloaded gtk gtkmm synfig and synfig studio and installed. please help!

Can you be more specific when say:

Are you referring to the Voira web page?

No, I don’t know if i’m missing something but when i open synfigstudio it brings up a black window with a synfig icon and then it says application failed to initialize (0xc00000ba)
I have no idea what to do, and i’ve got the task assignment manager assigned to synfigstudio but it doesn’t show that it has an exe file. help

Can you give us a little more info?

Which OS? XP, Vista?
Which versions of Synfig, Synfig studio are you using?
Which versions of GTK, GTKmm are you using?
What’s your path? (Start->Run cmd.exe, then type path and enter)

I’m assuming that you’ve watched the Youtube video on how to install under Windows, right?


yeh i watched the video and i’ve done exactly what it said to do.

  • Im using windows XP

  • Im using Version 0.61.08 of Synfig

  • I’m using GTk-mm.2.10.11

  • I’m using Synfig Studio Version 0.61.08

  • i’m not sure what path its on. i went to run then cmd.exe then typed path and it came up as random file stuff.

-Synfigstudio comes up but only as a run window.

The random stuff you describe is the list of directories that Windows looks through to find all the files it needs to run programs. I was hoping to see that somewhere in there was ‘C:\GTK\bin’.

The black run window you describe is a normal part of Synfig startup. (The initialization error isn’t :wink: )

I’ve not come across the error you describe. I’m wondering if one of the files you downloaded is corrupted in some way.

Try this - download an MD5 checker (I used one from http://www.midwavi.com/MD5.exe )

Start it up, then cut and paste


into the first line, then browse to the synfig-0.61.08.exe file you downloaded. If all is well, it should tell you the codes match.

Repeat again using


and browsing to the synfigstudio-0.61.08.exe file you downloaded.

If either of these two fail, you’ll need to re-download the synfig files.


synfig-0.61.08.exe MD5= 2B282B3CFF267E1281CBEA544C9F4660
synfigstudio-0.61.08.exe MD5= B3CAD61B2D2FDC7B137340FA558F2B8D