Synfig-devl and synfig-user

Currently, these two mailing lists are set to hold any posts sent from a non-member (i.e. someone who doesn’t have a registered sourceforge account). They both attract a fair amount of Spam email (one or two per day) which I have to log in and clear out every few days.
I think in the last couple of years I’ve only seen two valid emails caught in the ‘defer’ bucket and that was because Zelgadis and Genete used different accounts than they had registered on sourceforge.

Given this infinitesimal return on effort, I’d like to propose that any email from a non-member gets automatically dropped. We’ve since got the forum running, and I think that’s where most non-sourceforge users are happy hanging out.

Any objections?


So why are you the only one that can see the spam? I think that it is you and maybe darco the ones that receive the flow in the mailing lists before it is distributed, for its approval. Can me or others help you on that?
I don’t think it would be a good idea to drop every non synfig sourceforge member email. Only one valid email deserves to keep the mailing list. Otherwise we should remove completely the service. :cry:

Yes, darco and I are the only two that see them. And I don’t think darco checks :wink:
That’s kind of my point. The only two valid emails I’ve seen are from people that also had sourceforge accounts - you and Zelgadis!
I don’t see any value in keeping the non-sourceforge emails - they’re all spam.

Can you add me to the moderators of the mailing lists? I don’t want to remove the service yet.

I added you to the admin lists. :slight_smile:


Great thanks!

in my personal opinion and despite being unnecessary, i think the forum is good enough for user-related affairs, i never have thought on writing an e-mail to your Source-Forge mail.