Synfig crashes during rendering

My friend was using synfig, and while rendering his file his synfig crashed and it only crashes while rendering this specific file.

The file:-

Thanks for the help

What is your synfig version? The new stable 1.4.0? Old stable 1.2.2? A development version?
What is your OS (Linux, Windows, Mac) and its version?

I tested on Linux (Debian testing), 1.4.0 (appimage) and it is working fine when rendering to avi.

windows 10
and we were trying to render to gif

Could you please try the version 1.4.0?
As a safety measure, backup the synfig file before open (actually save) it on 1.4.0.

Version 1.4.0 file format has some incompatibilities with 1.2.x

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