Synfig Crash Vista 32 bit

Just wanted to let you know that I had Synfig crash on my Vista Home 32 bit quad core system. It was after I opened up the eye.sifz file. The file loaded ok, I rendered and played the animation then cloased it down. Soon after that Synfig locked up and crashed.


Hi D.K!
Thanks for report the crash. I’ve contacted with you by chat and you confirmed me that the crash sequence is like this:

  1. Open eyes.sifz
  2. Press play and the animation plays in the canvas window fine.
  3. Close the file
  4. Select other tool, do other stuff and after a while it crash.

He is using the single thread edition and the preferences are fine.

Pixelgeek, can you help David (D.K.) on run Synfig Studio in a terminal or console to let him know what’s the message when crashing?

Hi DK,
Unfortunately, I don’t know how you can run Synfigstudio from the command prompt and still have it find the icons. However, that said, if you goto the Run menu option, and type CMD, it should open a command prompt for you. then type without the quotes
“CD c:\program files\synfig\bin”
Then type “synfigstudio.exe”
You should see synfig running (with lots of error messages and without many of the icons). If you can reproduce the error and cut & paste what the console shows when it crashes, that may be of some help.

I also don’t have Vista32 either… :frowning:


Hi pixelgek.
For some reason I cannot re-create the crash anymore. I have tried several times and SF seems to run like a gem. Wied. If it happens again I’ll copy/paste and report here.

Thanks for the help


There may well be some cases where Synfig crashes, but it’s fairly stable for the vast majority of operations now. I haven’t seen any reproduceable crashes since we got the single threaded version packaged.