synfig cli syntax question

--time <time> Render a single frame at <seconds> --begin-time <time> Set the starting time --start-time <time> Set the starting time --end-time <time> Set the ending time --dpi <res> Set the physical resolution (dots-per-inch)

Question 1:
what is the different between --begin-time and –start-time option?

-T <# of threads>      Enable multithreaded renderer using specified # of threads

Question 2:
how to enable multi-threaded render, Is it enabled by default for Linux platform? I remember on Windows, it is disabled for stability reason.

It is exactly the same: … =HEAD#l514

I think that it is used only when the frame has to be tiled in pieces when it is so big. If you don’t specify number of threads it will use only one. Same happens in Synfig Studio, when you zoom in too much and the tile render is triggered. In Windows the tile render is single threaded and in linux it is not. So at the CLI it will only speed it up when the frame is big enough to be split in parts. (I think…)