Synfig Cant Open and always Crash

Hello I work in a School, which cant use cracked software.
My school have Illustrator 8.0, Photoshop Element and Premiere-Pro Element but no Flash

Hence I found Synfig for the solution of 2D-animation

However, Synfig never work and crash before Open
I cant to find other freeware which perfectly replace Flash,and I cry 4 solution

My OS is Windos 7 32BIT
with 4GB ram and I3 intel CPU

Is my computer not able to carry Synfig?

Specifically, which version of Synfig Studio are you using?
We are confident on the stability of the latest 1.0 version in Windows compared to earlier versions.
Does it crash just after open it or trying to open an specific file?
Have you tried to reinstall it completely?
Any message after crash?

Please try to properly report bugs according to this recommendations.
It would help you too.

I tried 1.0 yesterday and it will crash when start up
I use 0.64 and it work right now!

what happen at 1.0 ?

where do I find the crash report of 1.0

It could be a lot of things (Antivirus, Graphic Card Drivers, some missing admin rights…)
Try to start Synfigstudio with --console as argument on the command line, maybe you will be more lucky to find out the source of crash.
You could check in the Eventlog of Windows :wink: