Synfig basic animation tutorial problem.

Yeah… Ima new to this whole animation thing but i really Really wanna learn so I thought synfig would be a good start.

Anyway, I was going true the basic animation tutorial ( and I cant for my life get the green balls that u see in 4:26… First I tried just to ignore it… but my ball only goes from left to right not back… and those green balls is really the only difference i see between the tutorial and my own work…

Any tipps at all?

i’m really trying to understand your problem, the first thing i noticed is that you are setting keyframes like you would do in flash o any other animation software, in Synfig (or at leas as i use them), Keyframes are more like ‘Checkpoints’. For animating something, you just need to create it, then enter in ‘animation’ mode, place it initial position, then going some frames or seconds forward and place it somewhere else, you will have in your timeline the green dots/balls/ducks/animation points, Keyframing as such is not necessary unless your project really require it, those green points can be taken also as Keyframes (inside the real Keyframes)

i’ll post a video later showing you that

The green balls you see at 4:26 represent keyframes. They are set up between 3:15 & 3:45, but don’t show up until the position of the ball is actually changed. At 3:45 you have 3 keyframes, but they all show the same position of the red dot, so no changes are needed. Once the middle key frame is changed then they should show on the timeline.
Does that help?