Synfig & Anjuta

I’ve seen that there is a synfig.prj file for the anjuta environment.
Does anybody if it is updated? can be used? would it produce valid code for all platforms?
I’ve tried the Build menu command and it seems to compile it properly.
Would use anjuta produce any damage to the code inserting strange environment variables?
If I can compile using the standard command line orders would it be fine use anjuta as user interface?

It definitely isn’t updated. I had intended to remove it when we switched to git. It shouldn’t mess with the code at all.

OK, so what’s the best “environment” to do a regular code work?. I know that dooglus used to work with emacs and command lines. Do you know other better practice?

The right thing to use is whatever tool makes it easier for you to code. Geany, Anjuta, Eclipse, DevCpp are nice if you prefer IDEs. emacs is a good operating system, but I wouldn’t use it for editing :wink:

In all seriousness, personally I use the command-line for building and running git/svn. I use nano and scite for editing.

I’d suggest trying a few IDEs first and then text editors like gedit/vim/nano/emacs. Here is a list of the 21 best editors on Linux: … itors.html