Synfig animation to demonstrate Mandarin Chinese expressions

This is the first of a series of animations to assist people to remember some simple Mandarin Chinese expressions.

It is very short, about 26 seconds.

The person’s face and animation were done in Synfig, the building in the background for the second part was made in Gimp. The brick and the car were made and animated in in Synfig.

This was my first serious animation in Linux.

The animated parts and the Credits and Titles were exported to Windows Media Player and the sound added there. The final for youtube was output with minimal compression into wmv as this seems to be the preferred format for uploading to youtube. I then used the program Super to change the image dimensions to 320 x 240 for youtube. I hope the make all of the next one using Linux tools.

The original has none of the compression artifacts you can see on the youtube compressed flv file.

Nice. Welcome to the animation world. A hard world. :wink:

Please more.